Our Privacy Pledge

Interchange is dedicated to handling and processing your data securely, ethically and professionally. We operate on behalf of our clients as a data manager for events and exhibitions across the globe. We only hold data on behalf of our clients and only market on their behalf to individuals and businesses to build larger and more successful exhibitions and deliver exciting visitor experiences. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner as a data manager. Interchange does NOT sell your data to any 3rd parties nor share it with anyone other than the person with whom you originally registered. We have no rights over the data and purely operate as a processor of your information on behalf of our clients.

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Why you may have received an e-mail, post or telephone call from us

If you book to attend an event, we will confirm your booking for the event; your payment (if applicable) and send you pre-event reminders and post event surveys direct relating to the event you are attending. Where appropriate and indicated, we may tell you about other events that our clients organise. You have the option to refuse future communication on this matter. If you have indicated that you are happy to receive information from selected 3rd parties, or your data is being shared with them as part of any indicated promotions or shared marketing arrangements, we may share information with 3rd parties on behalf of our clients that are related to the event you are attending/have attended. You have the option to remove yourself from this marketing at any stage by contacting us.


"Cookies" are small pieces of information between a web server and a web browser, which enable the server to collect information from the browser. The Interchange website and booking systems use cookies to enable us to provide the mechanisms for online browsing and to monitor traffic.

How we protect your information

The Internet is not a secure medium. However, we have put in place various security procedures to help ensure that your information is as secure as is possible. We also keep your information confidential. Our internal procedures cover the storage, access and disclosure of your information. We operate the following internet "domains" for our outbound e-mail communications: