Trade Events

Trade Events

Online trade registration forms enable quality data capture and seamless show entry.

Pre Event


  • Bespoke trade registration forms designed to meet your event’s needs.
  • Email (E-BADGE) and Mobile (M-BADGE) confirmations allowing badge onsite collection and delivering a ‘greener’ event.
  • Online forms that allows multiple registrations without the need to go back and fill in the same information.
  • Ensure your event brand is consistent throughout the registration process. We can make the registration forms look and feel like your website.
  • Partner marketing allowing you to engage with sponsors and exhibitors and provide them with co-branded online forms and joint message confirmations to drive pre-registration for your event.
  • Online seminar planner – simply display multiple seminars to easily allow visitors to plan their day using an on screen event diary preventing double booking.
  • Approve, reject and auto-approve systems using supplied databases are designed to meet event entry requirements set by the event organiser.
  • Email campaigns including reminder emails, marketing emails with pre populated forms, surveys and emails to non attendees [Find Out More]
  • Thank you for attending emails free as part of Interchange’s Two-Way Lead Recording package (TWLR).
  • Live real time back office reporting with access to your registration data for further marketing initiatives.
  • Custom reports designed specifically with your event requirements in mind.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Customer query handling by Interchange as part of the package price.

'Traditional' Trade Registration

  • Interchange is happy to offer trade registration by:
  • Post.
  • Fax.
  • Telephone.
  • Interchange, whilst advocating electronic confirmation of trade visitor registrations with the collection of badges on arrival, is also happy to implement mailed solutions, as required, for trade visitor badges.

Exhibitor and 'Other' Registration

  • Flexible online exhibitor badge request forms that will allow multiple badge requests at the same time with limit checking and management by company if required.
  • Option of individual individual electronic (E-BADGE) confirmations to each person allowing badges to be generated by the registration system on arrival at the venue.
  • Badges can be mailed to the badge co-ordinator prior to the event.
  • Traditional, hard-copy exhibitor badge request forms returned either by post or fax.
  • Online Press registration forms customised to your event requirements with either electronic (E-BADGE), posted or collect onsite confirmations of registration.
  • Online forms designed for operation by the event organiser to enter details of staff, crew, security, catering and any other category of badge required for the event. Alternatively, names can be sent via data files.
During Event


  • Experienced onsite manager.
  • Full entrance management including temporary staff as required.
  • Online registration live throughout the event allowing last minute ‘pre-registration’ for the event with registration confirmed by E-BADGE with badges available moments later from the onsite registration system.
  • Tried and tested self-help terminals reading E-BADGE confirmations from not only printed confirmations but also from virtually all forms of electronic devices.
  • Skilled data entry staff providing a manned onsite solution for walk-up registration delivering rapid entry to the event, accurate data and, above all, a high level of customer service and satisfaction levels.
Get your visitors where they want to be, doing what they and your exhibitors want them doing – business
  • Regular accurate attendance reports.
  • Seminar management including the supply of staff and scanners to record attendance to individual seminar sessions.
Post Event

Post Event

  • Attendance reports and further analysis to assist with post event marketing reports.
  • Attendee and non-attendee data files supplied within two working days of the event closing.
  • Audit preparation and submission if required.
  • Database management.
  • Database cleaning.
  • Financial reconciliation of any payments received to Interchange during the registration process.
  • ‘Thank for attending’ email sent automatically as part of Interchange’s Two-Way Lead Recording Service (TWLR)

Case Study

Global Energy Career Expo

Global Energy Career Expo offers oil and gas professionals the opportunity to connect with the top energy operating, service and supply companies. Qualified candidates seeking jobs locally and abroad have the opportunity to visit the Career Expo to submit resumes and discuss career possibilities.

The organiser, dmg:events, wanted a system allowing them to control access and check that visitors had the correct skill sets and experience to match existing positions that were being offered by exhibitors. Interchange in delivering this solution ensured that both the exhibitors and candidates maximise their time spent at the event.

Interchange’s online form captured demographic data to allowing dmg:events to vet candidates according to the responses given and then either accept or decline the registration with E-BADGES automatically being sent on acceptance or a bespoke explanation email being generated if the registration was declined.

Online registration was kept live throughout the event with a direct feed to the onsite system. All badges were collected on arrival at the venue using self service touch screens or were printed by the registration staff on request.